BlockFrame® is the global
leader in blockchain

BlockFrame is your trusted partner that leads
clients through evaluation, planning, design and
implementation of blockchain technologies.

How BlockFrame Technology Works

The strength of our solution rests in the uniqueness of our technology. This two minute video shows the basics of how we support and serve our customers with BlockFrame end-to-end solutions.

About BlockFrame

We have developed third generation distributed ledgers for document security and supply chain management. BlockFrame experts have designed and implemented state legislation and international standards.

Our comprehensive set of skills includes subject matter expertise and consultation on: blockchain algorithm and consensus design, adaptation to business processes, smart contracts applications, supply chain process improvement, permission-based public blockchain implementation, and specialized blockchain application development.

Our expertise has been used to deliver large-scale prototype platforms for government programs, design supply chain solutions for the public and private sectors, apply blockchain management for energy sector security.

  • Legislative advice
  • Creating requests for proposals for government and industry
  • Blockchain standards
  • Evaluation of blockchain business solutions for process improvement
  • Independent evaluation of blockchain products and services
  • Evaluation of BlockFrame product integration
  • Improved security of IoT devices


BlockFrame® uses blockchain to organize cybersecurity worldwide – achieving trust and uniformity for secure supply chain


Provide logistics support to create a secure ecosystem for managing IoT devices using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies


Individualized Privacy — Proof of Origin on data — Zero Trust Networking — Security Defense-in-Depth — Multi-Factor Identification — Accountable Governance

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