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The BlockFrame team has over 30 years of combined expertise in the
Cybersecurity field and has supported secure application designs for over 75 IoT
products, manufacturing & supply chain processes and client applications. We
have contributed to the global standards and influenced the passage of
progressive security, privacy, and Distributed Ledger Legislation.

  • BlockFrame is Hiring
    Software Engineer Job Description ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES Blockchain systems development engineerThis is a full-time (40 hours per week) position. The primary schedule is Monday throughFriday between 8AM and 5PM. The employee will work in a fast-moving startup environmentwhich will require them to be on a small team and they may … Read more
  • The Philos Trust Algorithm: Preventing Exploitation of Distributed Trust
    The Philos Marketplace blockchain system is a proposed hierarchical blockchain architecture which allows a large number of individual blockchains to operate in parallel. These parallel chains achieve consensus among one another on a limited set of core operations, while allowing each on-chain application to manage its own data independently of … Read more
  • IEEE Blockchain Enabled Transactive Energy Program
    BlockFrame, Inc. is excited to announce the results from our IEEE Blockchain Enabled Transactive Energy Program which provides a demonstratable operation of Carbon Neutral Distributed ledger application of real-time Renewable Energy operations. We see a bright future for renewable energy as this technology offers Zero-Trust capability for distributed energy resources  … Read more
  • BlockFrame, Inc. COO Authors chapter of recently published book
    Congratulations to BlockFrame, Inc. COO Kent Lambert for becoming a published author in Emergent Behavior in System of Systems Engineering: Real-World Applications. Kent is the author for chapter 5 “Applications of Defense-in-Depth and Zero-Trust Cryptographic Products in Emergent Cybersecurity Environments”. This book is the first of its kind to address … Read more
  • BlockFrame Inc. CEO speaks on panel at RSA Conference
    BlockFrame Inc. CEO, Christopher Gorog, presented his work with IEEE Digital Privacy Initiative at the RSA Conference today. He was a panel member for the IAPP Engineering Privacy – Embedding Privacy by Design Across the Enterprise panel. This was the first of many upcoming speaking engagements Chris will be participating … Read more
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